1. The curriculum is based on the philosophy that the essential purpose of nursing is to achieve better health for the individual and the dynamic nature of the society. Such Nursing services, as outlined in the philosophy above are based on the following premises.
  2. Man is biological, spiritual, social and psychological individual unit whose needs are an inherent part of his nature and therefore is affected by factors within his environment.
  3. Nursing is primarily concerned with human life, the quality of the health of the individual, family, group or community. Nursing is directed towards the achievement of better health and consequently as a practice profession, must be firmly based on knowledge derived from biological, physical and behavioural science relevant to the understanding of human nature.
  4. Health is an integral part of the overall development of man. Therefore, factors which influence health are socio-cultural, biological and environmental in nature.
  5. Health care with emphasis on primary health care is fundamentally related to the availability, accessibility and affordability of both health and socio-economic resources
  6. Nurses, as human beings, exist and share the same nature, humane and basic needs as the clients/patients. The nurse practitioner has acquired nursing knowledge, skills, attitude and ethics to provide safe and effective health care.
  7. The client is capable of reasoning and he possesses basic ideas, beliefs and values which guide his actions. He is an active partner in the nursing care process and participates in critical decision making regarding his care and environment.
  8. Nursing Education is a systemic direction and guidance of the student in an institution approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
  9. Continuing Education is a continuous process of educational development aimed at enhancing professional growth, competency and efficiency in achieving effective health care at all levels. Hence, knowledge should be updated through self-directed learning and the regular participation in continuing education programmes.